Learn all about perfumes

Duration 1 day.

10 o’clock : scenting workshop.

olive This will take place at the Villa Habanita, next to the Molinard Perfumery. The setting is 1900, and wears the colours of Provence. Theoretical and practical courses will enable each attendee to create his/her own perfume under a Perfumer’s mastery.
A scenting cession of 50 fragrances will be prepared on pivoting turntables.
Each attendee will take his/her 50 ml Eau de Parfum with him/her. And if he wishes to, he can even order it any time, as Molinard keeps and stores each single formula secret.

12 o’clock : Free lunch.

2 PM : visit of the International Museum of Perfumery
Perfumes have made Grasse famous worldwide. It was then quite natural to honour the city and erect a museum telling her history and the evolution of techniques through centuries. From the mere perfumed composition using vegetal, animal or synthetic material, to the making of it (first extraction, distillation, final extraction) the museum presents you all the stages in the creating process of a perfume.

Your trip in the world of fragrances will continue in the display room where you can admire a remarkable collection of bottles ranging from the Antiquity to our days, or to the glasshouse with perfume plants such as Jasmine, Vetiver, Mayrose or Vanilla, all grown on the museum premises.

Note that your conference guide is genuinely registered by the Ministry of Culture.

Price : 86 €


From December 15th to March 1st

You may discover a mimosa-planted domain. There, you can wander amid the blooming trees, and end up your visit in the forcing glasshouse or the conditioning room.

Before you leave, a bunch of mimosa will be offered to you.

Price : 7 € (visit with a group)


10 o’clock : visit of a specialized factory.
You will get acquainted with the benefits of essential oils, discover typical regional fragrances, you will be given advice on how to use them, and you will be introduced to Fragonard’s all lot ( revitalizing, relaxing, regulating and stimulating )

11 o’clock : visit of the historical city.
A registered conference guide will show you the medieval city of Grasse and its XIIIth century Cathedral. You will then be able to walk along the medieval narrow streets and all the different various market places.

Price : 38 €